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Monthly Update -February 2024

Updated: Mar 22

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Mar 27

Well done Lawrence. I was hoping SNOW could perform a miracle but no such luck. For this year I am going in fighting for the crown with the stock Bellring Brands Inc - BRBR :)

MR H..I am with you on the solar investing. I feel the whole experience has shocked me and put me off solar investing. Luckily I had only few thousand in the investments. Best of luck with to you. Hope for the best outcome.


Mar 22

I can see this Sunex debacle is weighing on you MrH, it's caused you to name this update as Feb 2023 =)

Hopefully you can get some resolution, and pity you can't just sell their shares and move on. I haven't ever had a good outcome with legal action, and much like the VC-Makate debacle, it could be expensive with no end point in sight... but hopefully they at least honour the payouts.

Yay, my stock pick worked out and delivered just under 50% of being in Government bonds, so that's a win =)

In terms of my pick so that I can lose some money this year, think I'll take a nice British company, Shell. I think it's ch…

Mr H
Mr H
Mar 22
Replying to


Well spotted Charlie,

Unfortunately I think you may be right on the legal action but I'm also a belligerent swine so I guess I'll need to wait and see what the offer is like, lets see.

Shell noted and locked. An interesting pick, I've got a couple of oil/energy stocks in my portfolio as a bit of a hedge on the current AI hype cycle , plus world war III continues to look like a possibility (every cloud!).

I'm still thinking about it. I have not covered myself in glory last round so I'm going to make a pick that is not obvious but well thought through. All will be revealed, when I make my mind up 😂


Mar 11

Well done Lawrence! Nothing to do here but accept the wooden spoon and look forward to the next year's comp :)

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